Digital Design  +  UI/UX  +  Email Marketing  +  Social Media/Facebook Ads

Lofta is an internet retailer of CPAP Devices, accessories, and supplies that offers unique at-home testing solutions, sleep coaching, and more. Our creative journey started by elevating Lofta’s brand by infusing it with captivating user interfaces, and seamless user experiences that resonated with their audience. Social media profiles, pages, and content were curated and engaging, email newsletters informed CPAP users of various sleep facts and promotions, and creative paid digital ads stood out from the crowd and captured leads and emails through a fully integrated website experience.

  • Lofta
  • Healthcare / Sleep Health
  • Digital Design + UI/UX + Email Marketing + Social Media/Facebook Ads
  • 2018 - 2022
Lofta Social Media Content Creation
Lofta Social Media Content Creation
Lofta Social Media Content Creation
Website Design and Development
A fully custom e-commerce website was designed and developed for Lofta using Shopify Plus with an emphasis placed on the user experience and flow to create a seamless and easy-to-navigate experience for users.
Lofta website design and development
Social Media
Lofta's social media profiles, graphics, and content were meticulously curated, scheduled, and consistently maintained. We developed a highly successful ``Did You Know`` series focused on sleep apnea, which garnered significant attention and engagement. The most compelling graphic posts were strategically incorporated into our paid advertising campaigns, yielding exceptional levels of engagement and delivering an ROI that exceeded industry standards.
Social Media Content Creation Social Media