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E-Commerce  + Web Development + Digital Marketing + Photoshoots 

Eufora is a hair care company that focuses on using ingredients made with the most effective, natural ingredients nature has to offer.
  • Eufora
  • Beauty Industry
  • Website Design/Development
  • 2022 - 2023
E-Commerce Website Design and Development
Eufora was in need of a better D2C experience and wanted a fully custom site to give users a better experience and increase D2C checkouts. A fully custom Shopify Plus site was designed and developed using various apps to make a beautiful and seamless shopping experience. Using rebranded colors and typography in conjunction with elevated graphics and photography, a new website experience was created for Eufora with resounding praise.
Eufora Website Design and Development
App Implementation and Development
With a focus on increasing the LTV of their customer base, the ReBuy App was implemented, amongst others, to help increase AOV and strengthen repeat purchases.
App Implementation and Development
Rebuy App Development
Increase Upsells and LTV
Utilizing various apps, including ReBuy, we were able to create bundles, gifts with purchase, free shipping once a threshold was met, post purchase upsells, and much more!
Retina-Ready Website Graphics
Beautiful, retina-ready and web-optimized website graphics were implemented with correct alt and title tags for best SEO practices.
Eufora Retina Ready Web Graphics
How-To-Videos and Photoshoots
Involved in the ideation and campaign strategies for quarterly campaigns and the associated photoshoots scheduled to capture relevant content to use. Photoshoot ideation and mockups were created and submitted for buy-off from Executives. Additionally, behind the scenes video and photography was provided and used for campaign content.
Live Your Beauty Campaign
The 'Live Your Beauty' campaign was developed and created by the Eufora team to emphasize and highlight women in everyday life who embody what it means to live in your beauty. Character stories ere developed, individuals we personally knew and others who applied were chosen, had a full day makeover complete with a photoshoot and video capturing their stories.