Recovery + CBD is an all natural premium CBD brand that utilizes special adaptogenic herbs to help aid with inflammation, stress-relief, and sleep.

Product Development

Recovery+ CBD are specially formulated CBD Oil Drops utilizing a unique blend of adaptogenic herbs that aid in the reduction of inflammation and assist with stress-relief and sleep. Research and user testing was completed prior to finalizing our product blend. Labels and bottles were designed and ordered, while Third-Party Testing was completed to ensure the highest quality ingredients without the use of pesticides and heavy metals.

In addition to bringing CBD Oil Drops to market, Recovery+ CBD also introduced CBD Gummies as well as an all-natural CBD roll-on balm that aids in the reduction of muscle pain and cramping.

Recovery+ CBD is now available for purchase and can be found in specialty stores, coffee shops, and salons.


Branding | Packaging 

A professionally refined and eye-catching look was sought after for Recovery+ CBD that emphasized quality and value. Colored labels were created and branded to better differentiate the various products Recovery+ CBD offers. Labels include CR codes that link to digital reports showing Third-Party Testing. All branding for Recovery+ CBD includes Camp Bum branding as Camp Bum is the lead Umbrella Brand.


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D2C Landing Page Design | Development

Recovery+ CBD has two main offerings with a bundle option that is the best value for the dollar. A D2C landing page was created for Recovery+ CBD specifically designed to get the user to purchase the CBD Bundle by a series of information blocks with Call’s To Action peppered throughout the layout to re-emphasize the quality of the buy. Buy buttons were strategically placed to keep the user on the D2C page, and content was introduced without the need to click away from the sale page which increases conversions.

Google Analytics and Facebook Insights/Pixel were installed to better track user habits, purchasing habits, and more to better refine site quality and improve the UI/UX.


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    Social Media

Email Marketing

Recovery+ CBD utilizes MailChimp to email market to our community of health conscious outdoor enthusiasts. Creatively designed email newsletters are custom coded using MJML Responsive Email Framework to ensure email newsletters are responsive and opened on all email clients.

By utilizing eye-catching large image graphics to introduce the email and limiting the length and content of emails, our open rates have increased exponentially while also increasing sales.



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    2018 - Current



Social Media Marketing

Recovery+ CBD relies heavily on Social Media Marketing and utilizes a shared branding strategy with Camp Bum and Camp Bum Events to grow audiences organically. Recovery+ CBD has social media profiles for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that gain large audiences in the outdoor and holistic space.