Lofta is changing the way people talk about sleep apnea.

Lofta is an internet retailer of CPAP Devices, accessories, and supplies that offers unique at-home testing solutions, sleep coaching, and more. As the Senior Designer for Lofta I ensure all marketing collateral stays within brand standards, design and layout new website pages (UI/UX), am responsible for creating and scheduling all content posting to social media channels, design and code all email newsletters, design creative paid digital advertising campaigns, shoot product photography, and assist with/write creative copy.

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Editing

Website Design | UI/UX

Lofta is continually improving and evolving which requires constant updates to the website, creating new landing pages, and experimenting with different UI/UX elements. A fully customized site was designed and developed on the Shopify Plus platform using mockups and UI/UX elements I created. Since then, new pages, image selection, iconography, and layouts are created and maintained by myself and the developer.

When creating new pages, a great user flow, and ultimate objective is established and agreed upon that relates to and meets the advertising objectives as well. We then analyze the effectiveness of the new layout and design through Google Analytics and others. A/B testing is often implored to find the most effective and engaging user experiences.


    Adobe XD | InVision App | Shopify Plus

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a big part of the Lofta marketing strategy that brings in close to 30% of total revenue with little to no acquisition or overhead costs. Bold, attention-grabbing headlines, creative copy, and well-organized graphics help create engaging emails which result in high open rates and big sales.

All emails are fully responsive and are designed to showcase promotions but also include links to helpful blog articles, reviews, and social media profiles. While we want to encourage sales, we are also interested in providing helpful and useful information for both customers and followers alike. Automated email flows are set up in both Klaviyo and Mailchimp which have various triggers set to launch relevant email campaigns so as to not overwhelm our subscribers with irrelevant emails.

We collect emails through popups that are created monthly with new offers, emails, and campaign creative. Emails are also collected through various lead-generating campaigns on social media such as our SoClean Giveaway! This giveaway helped gain well over 300,000 emails and over 10,000 followers in the short time we launched the campaign.


    Klaviyo | MailChimp | Adobe Photoshop

Social Media Marketing

As the Social Media Manager for Lofta, I am responsible for creating social media graphics, video ads/animated graphics, posts, and content for our social media profiles. Additionally, I create and manage our posting calendar, moderate, engage, and respond to comments and messages, and come up with new ideas and creative ways to increase our following as well as engagement. Blogs are written and submitted by various staff including myself with corresponding graphics designed for shared use throughout social media. Posting is scheduled through Hootsuite and posts to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Posts are reviewed and analyzed for organic engagement before deciding to boost the post for sales conversions via Facebook Ads Manager.

Engagement is tracked using Hootsuite and Facebook analytics and shared with our team for weekly meetings. We strategize ways to increase engagement and encourage staff to send over interesting sleep facts for use in posted graphics. By engaging the staff, we are implementing a social strategy that starts within the workplace and encourages all to participate, take pride in their work, and share helpful information with others.


    Hootsuite | Adobe Photoshop | Facebook Ads Manager | Adobe Premiere Pro