Get healthy – Stay Healthy.

E’ryday Labs is a wellness and supplement brand that is working to keep individuals healthy – and stay healthy using a combination of nutritional products and a individualized wellness plan.

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Editing

Branding | Graphic Design

Bold, eye-catching color packaging and strong fonts were used to create the E’ryday brand look and style. As the creative/art director, I proudly designed and developed the modern and light style of the brand. A bright yet subdued color palette was chosen to represent the various product categories while utilizing bright color blast imagery to create a visually compelling look and recognizable brand style.

As the sole designer, I also designed and laid out all product packaging, die cuts, and mockups for E’ryday Labs. In addition to the numerous products, apparel, and promotional items, I designed and laid out various meal plans, cooking guides, and more for use in lead pages and click funnels.


    Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign

Email Marketing

E’ryday utilized a customized and integrated email marketing platform that sent out responsive emails, SMS messages, mobile calls, and more. Responsive Email Templates were coded in MJML then sent for use and scheduling. Emails were designed for scheduled send based on interactions via ad campaigns.

E’ryday email addresses were collected via a Facebook Lead Forms Ad Campaign I created to gain emails and interest. We gained 1500 emails per day on a $150 daily budget!


    MJML | Adobe Photoshop

Website Design | UI/UX

E’ryday Labs website was designed and developed using Shopify. The website was designed to be fully responsive as over 85% of E’ryday customers come from mobile first. Shopify Apps and payment processing were setup using API calls, and with code snippets. Customizations were made using CSS, HTML and Liquid.

E’ryday website is an e-commerce site first and a subscription site second. The website is designed so that one can checkout quickly with the option of bundling up and saving $ at checkout. Membership options with an interactive backend were being developed and integrated for a more robust experience with a point system that tracks and rewards user purchases.


    Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Shopify Plus

Product | Lifestyle Photoshoots

As Art Director for E’ryday Labs, I directed and organized on-site photoshoots and video shoots including locating areas and activities to photograph. Since E’ryday Labs is a brand dedicated to health and wellness, outdoor activities were preferred while depicting a sunny San Diego vibe. Surfing, skateboarding, and rock climbing were some of the different sport activities we targeted to set us apart from the standard and expected gym scene.


    Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera

Digital Marketing

Implemented extremely successful lead-generating advertising campaigns utilizing Facebook Lead Forms which helped to gather over 15,000 emails in less than 1 month using a $100 daily campaign budget (ROAS close to 3).

From this lead generating campaign, we were able to create Facebook Audiences and Lookalikes in which to serve Retargeting and Promotional Ads. In addition to lead generating ads, we utilized video and carousel ads to gain maximum reach while using the lowest cost per acquisition model.


    Hootsuite | Adobe Photoshop | Facebook Ads Manager | Adobe Premiere Pro