Delicious Gluten-Free Beers and Food

Duck Foot Brewery is a gluten-free brewer located in San Diego, CA. Duck Foot Brewery is dedicated to providing great beers, delicious food, and a provocative digital marketing strategy.

App Development

Duck Foot Beer Finder: Duck Foot Brewery produces popular gluten-free beers and needed a way for customers to locate the nearest locations that offer Duck Foot beers. A customized app was integrated and developed to allow for CSV uploads of locations in a spreadsheet that populates through the website is a clean, and responsive layout.


Website Design/Development

Duck Foot Brewery was looking to add an e-commerce shop to their website to allow for merchandise purchases along with integrating a delivery service to their offerings post-Covid 19. A customized Shopify website was designed and developed for Duck Foot that links to their main website and allows for easy checkout.

Additional website edits include designing new landing pages for Duck Foot East Village Restaurant, a blog page, press page, and a more.


Digital Marketing

Duck Foot Brewery wanted to add to their digital marketing strategies by creating lead generating, awareness, and promotional ads using Facebook Ads Manager. Lead generating ads were creating and promoted to gather email leads by offering free appetizers for signing up to newsletter lists via Facebook Leads and integrating to MailChimp via API. Various awareness video ads were created to minimize spend while gaining the most leads via Facebook Pixel.

Tracking: An updated Facebook Pixel was installed and setup for Duck Foot in addition to adding Google Analytics tracking including custom reports, and goal setup. Utilizing Google Analytics along with Facebook Pixel tracking allows for truly customized reporting and allows the business owners ability to properly track the source(s) of engagement.


    Facebook Ads Manager + Google Analytics


    Paid Digital