Artist Series: Q&A with outdoor photographer R. Adam Prieto

December 11, 2014
December 11, 2014 tro4130

Artist Series: Q&A with outdoor photographer R. Adam Prieto

I decided to create an Artist Series where I give the artist an opportunity to showcase their amazing work while answering a few Q&A's. I have found that creative individuals are driven by a great passion for a cause, belief, movement, etc and we rarely get a glimpse into what drives that passion. In this series, I hope to ask questions that allow the artist to really delve into the root cause and start of their creative outlet and ultimately inspire others to do the same and follow their dreams and passion!

R. Adam PrietoI'm happy to introduce friend and photographer R. Adam Prieto. Adam is an outdoor enthusiast and nature photographer currently living in Yosemite National Park. I met Adam while I was also working in "the valley" and living in the Curry Village employee area known as "Boystown." Adam seemed to have a way about him that exuded tranquility and child-like awe. It is quite refreshing to meet someone as excited about nature and the outdoors as a child and truly belive we all need to let our inner child out a bit more often!


Artist Series: Q&A – Adam Prieto


1. When did you first experience Yosemite? What do you remember most about that experience?

A: I first experienced Yosemite back in 2009 with a friend of mine. The thing I remembered most was what I think most people experience when they come to Yosemite. And it's that feeling of witnessing something so magical. It’s feeling you can’t describe but see for yourself.

Yosemite and the Merced River

2. What drew you to live and work in Yosemite?

A: I was working at Apple and was doing what I was passionate about maybe once a month. Then I visited a friend who was working here (Yosemite) and we did a little backpacking trip to a place call Ten Lakes. After this trip I realized that I could move to Yosemite and do what I was passionate about everyday; which was to take pictures.

Tuolumne Meadows and Cathedral Peak

3. How has life changed for you since living in Yosemite?

A: I wouldn’t say that life has changed by living here in Yosemite but the experiences have. I have met some amazing people here and see a lot of amazing things.


4. What do you hope to accomplish while in Yosemite? Do you plan on ever leaving?

A: Right now I feel like I am just riding the wave. I have goals and things I want to do but my priority right now is to establish myself as a photographer. I do plan on leaving eventually but there is no set date. 

Half Dome in clouds

5. Is the 'dirtbag culture' dead as Cedar Wright says it is? What are your opinions of the climbing lifestyle in the valley?

A: Well I never knew what the term even meant before moving to Yosemite. I moved right at the end of peak season so I didn’t get to experience meeting a healthy amount of people dirt bagging. But I did become really good friends with someone who is dirt bagging here and from how I see it, dirt bagging is still well alive.

Dirtbag Culture

6. Why do you take photos?

A: The major reason why I take pictures is to showcase to other people the importance of the outdoors. My intention with every photograph is to share it. And my goal is that it evokes someone emotionally. I hope that it inspires and motivates others to be vulnerable and step into uncertainty and the only way I have been successful in meeting those goals is by sharing images from the outdoors.


7. Who are your inspirations, photography-wise, and why are they important to you?

A: My huge and biggest inspiration is Chris Burkard. It’s a given that his work is amazing, but the way I feel when I look at his images is something I can’t describe. It’s something that comes from the heart but most importantly, he is inspiring others in may ways.

El Capitan

8. Any upcoming projects you are excited to share?

A: I’m totally stoked to announce my new blog being live in a few days. In that blog you can also see my other projects I am working on. One I can’t announce yet but another is a video I am directing and editing of my good friend who is bouldering around Yosemite.


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