Vertical Hold Indoor Rock Climbing Gym specializes in the best bouldering, top rope and lead climbing in the greater San Diego region and has 3 climbing locations to choose from: San Diego, Poway and San Marcos.


Vertical Hold Rock Climbing Gym in San Diego has long been a staple in the San Diego climbing community for over 20 years. Celebrating their 20 year anniversary and new ownership, Vertical Hold wanted to update their look but still hold true to their humble and recognized beginnings and style. Royal Marketing and Design worked closely with staff and owner to ensure the feel and message and style stayed consistent and true to the brand.

Key Projects

  • Website Design
  • Branding
  • Apparel Design
  • Poster Design

Website Design

Vertical Hold needed an online facelift for both mobile and desktop users. Royal Marketing and Design provided Vertical Hold with a user friendly site built using the WordPress platform and is both responsive, mobile, and modern. We included in the site build basic SEO services and a user manual for the staff and owner.

Vertical Hold Rock Climbing Gym Website Design


Vertical Hold wanted a logo and icon that represented an updated and new gym but one that acknowledged the past as well. The icon and logo represents a new look, style and shift in current trends yet adds a throwback style represented within the icon with the incorporation of the original mountain shape design.

Vertical Hold Rock Climbing Gym Branding

Apparel & Poster Design

Vertical Hold hosts many rock climbing competitions for boulderers and sport climbers alike. For their 20th Anniversary event and as well as other competitions, we designed some fun apparel for all to wear. In addition to apparel, we also designed posters for a few of their popular rock climbing events.

Vertical Hold Rock Climbing Competition Poster Design



Vertical Hold Rock Climbing Gym in San Diego was the first rock climbing gym I ever went to and shortly thereafter I became a member (records show I was 13yrs old.) Over the years, rock climbing has become a lifestyle and something  I cannot imagine being without. Climbing has taken me, friends and family to so many amazing places and a big part of that is thanks to places like Vertical Hold Rock Climbing Gym in San Diego, CA.

I am thankful to work with a great network of passionate designers and clients who follow their passions. I encourage others to find their passion, follow it to the fullest, and give back by showing others the joy you experience in your pursuits.

  • We enlisted Trevor for a complete redesign of our website With little from the previous site we wanted to keep, Trevor’s ideas with subject matter and layout were essential. He kept us in the loop throughout the entire process, with tons of great ways to invigorate our site. With very reasonable prices and over the top customer service, we can very much recommend Royal!

    Onto the results: We have seen an immediate increase in Web traffic to our site and Google rankings since going live. This has paid for the service entirely. Our current gym members have also immediately took notice of the improvements that the redesign have allowed. Communicating with our customers has never been so easy and our best foot is finally online. Thank you Trevor!

    Ben Zintak, Vertical Hold Owner
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