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The Outside Way

The Outside Way is an outdoor and lifestyle blog and way of life. Sean and Geneva are extremely passionate about their love for the outdoors and want to invite others to join in their journey. TOS has a website where users can read blog posts on various outdoor adventures or purchase photography as well as view their active Instagram profile. There are a lot more exciting things in the works for The Outside Way.

Logo Design

The Outside Way wanted a mature, yet fun look and wanted this style represented in their branding as well. A great amount of detail and time was spend on using and discovering great typography while using minimalist design for the logo. The result was a great looking logo which utilizes 3 different fonts in a complimentary fashion while still keeping the original icon as a centerpiece. The logo was designed to be purposefully color-coded to various outdoor activities for use on the website and various marketing collateral.

The Outside Way Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger

The Outside Way posted a trip report I wrote on a solo backpacking trip to Mt. Langley in the Sierra Nevada.
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